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polymer alloy cable tray accessories

Based on America UL568 standard , the production process of Macromolecule alloy cable tray is first mixing unsaturated polymer resin of PVC,ABS,PS ,ect. and variety of polymer and high molecular resin with flame retardant chemical additives, and then plasticizing the materials ,finally extrusion molding or injection molding ,shaping and cutting. Macromolecule alloy cable tray is a new paragon of replacing steel with plastics after PVC fire-resistant cable trough in Electrical application engineer filed .

Product Description

 >> Basic information of connection plates 

 The angle of connection plates can be customized as customer's requirement , like 90° , 135° , 180° .It meets different installation requirements.

 >> Basic information of bults and nuts 



Connection two pieces of cable tray only need 16 sets of bults and nuts 

 >> How to connection two piece of cable tray 

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