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Polymer alloy cable tray

What's polymer alloy cable tray ?

Polymer alloy cable tray is a new paragon of replacing steel with plastics after PVC fire-resistant cable trough in Electrical application engineer filed .It is produced by unsaturated polymer resin of PVC,ABS,PS ,ect. and variety of polymer and high molecular resin with flame retardant chemical additives through mixing, plasticizing, extrusion, shaping and cutting .

Polymer alloy cable tray (also named Macromolecule alloy cable tray)belongs to plastic cable tray .It has integrated and combined structure ,solid through, ladder trough and ventilated or perforated trough cable trays.

Polymer alloy cable tray has outstanding advantages than traditional cable tray .Special double hollow design increases 35% safe working load at the same time the weight is light .


The installation only need connection plates , bults and nuts . No need open fire and welding .Please check the video .